Information for Visitors and Volunteers at 

Cottonwood Creek School 


Per district policy, all volunteers and visitors to Cottonwood must submit a Volunteer Clearance Form once every school year.  If you think that you will volunteer or visit during school hours at any point during the school year, please fill out the form and submit it along with a copy of your valid California Drivers License to the office. If your spouse, or your child’s grandparents or any other adult plans on visiting or volunteering on campus please ask them to fill out a volunteer clearance form and bring a copy of their CA driver’s license or CA ID with them. The clearance process could take up to a week.


Visitors and Volunteers must sign in at the Administrative Offices upon entering campus between 8:25 AM through the end of the school day, regardless of their business.   



Siblings - Please remember, although we love our student’s siblings, it is not appropriate to bring younger/older siblings to school during school hours to the classroom, instructional environment, or on a field trip while volunteering.  


Once cleared to visit or volunteer during school hours, you must also arrange your visit with a teacher or appropriate staff member. Upon arriving at school: 


● Sign in at the office and wear your volunteer/visitor badge at all times.

● Be on time, be reliable, & Be unobtrusive.

● Ask questions at the beginning (know where the materials you might need are located and any other

issues that might come up) so that you do not have to interrupt the teacher with questions later.

● Do not commit to something if you are not sure you can do it. Teachers count on every volunteer that commits their time and can be left in an awkward situation if a volunteer cancels last minute or does not show.

● Everything you see and hear in the classroom is confidential. This really means everything! Academics to social, to behavioral, to emotional behaviors of our students is confidential. Do not call/write notes in any format to parents about students at our school that you observe while volunteering.

● Please help us maintain a quiet learning environment.

● Remember that you are volunteering in the classroom for the good of all, this is not a time to offer special moments to your child.

● Encourage students to make good choices and praise when appropriate. Teacher handles discipline.


Once again, thank you so much for taking the time to volunteer. Your commitment and help is very appreciated!

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