FAQ's for Parents completing Fall Check-in


Why do I need to fill out both the Parent Portal and the PFC information separately?

Due to confidentiality reasons, the Dublin Unified School District cannot share parent and student information with the PFC.  The PFC sends out newsletters throughout the year that keeps you up-to-date on events, activities, and other happenings at the school.  If you did not provide your information to the PFC during registration, you will be missing out on important information. Please complete the online PFC Fall Check-in to ensure that you will receive the grade appropriate emails for your student(s).


I was on the PFC mailing list last year, do I need to do it again?

Unfortunately, yes, to ensure we have the most current information.


Does everyone need to donate to the PFC?

This year we are launching our Dollar a Day Program. We are aiming to collect about a $1 a day per student for the school year. This comes to a donation of about $175 dollars per student. With this support, we aim to be able to provide students with the support and enrichment opportunities that enable them to compete not only with the neighboring schools in Dublin but with students in neighboring districts like Pleasanton and San Ramon as well as state and nationwide. 


The PFC funds or subsidizes many classrooms and extracurricular programs such as art enrichment, character education, classroom supplies, field trips, grade-level grants, science programs, etc.  Fall Check-in is our major fundraising time. If we don't raise enough funds during Fall Check-In, we may have to cut some of these programs and our children will miss out on them. We are requesting a donation of a dollar a day per student to support these important programs for our children.  


Does my PFC donation cover the classroom activity funds collected by Room Parents and the Coyote Run?

No, the PFC donation does not cover the classroom activity fund donation which is handled by each room parent.  That will be collected in late September early October and goes directly to the celebrations in your child’s classroom. 


The Coyote Run fundraiser is a fun event held in October in which all our students participate by running as many laps as they can on the field.  This fundraiser benefits the Associated Student Body of the school not the PFC. But we as a group of interested parents volunteer to help and make the Coyote Run a success so our students can benefit from the additional funding to the school. 


PFC does benefit from any companies or local businesses sponsors who sponsor the Coyote Run. This year we are aiming to use sponsorships to support student run podcasts, makers space tech and more. If you, your company or a business you know is interested in sponsoring the Coyote Run or any other school events please reach out to vicepresident@cottonwoodpfc.org. 


What is the Emergency Preparedness Fund for and is it required?

In previous school years, teachers would request parents put together and turn in an emergency kit for each of their children.  This was a cumbersome process for both parents and teachers. Starting in the 2019-2020 school year, we are asking parents to pay $10 per child to contribute to an Emergency Preparedness Fund.  This Fund will enable us to provide Emergency supplies in the event of any emergency where students are held in their classrooms for an extended time as well as make the school more able to respond to any emergency situation. 


Will Spiritwear be available for purchase at Fall Check-In? 


Yes, spirit wear will be available for purchase at Fall Check-In. But in addition to that, we will have the online store available for new items and items that are not in stock with us. 


Sample sizes will be available for parents to choose appropriate sizes via the online store. Online store items will be available for pick up at school by the end of August. 


Is PFC collecting School Supplies?

School supplies are donations to the school not to the PFC.  This year K-5 students are able to drop off their school supplies at Fall Check-In.  


What forms do I need to bring to Fall Check-In?

Please check the school website for an updated list of forms to bring to Fall Check-In. 

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