FAQ for Cottonwood Creek School K-5 Dance


Q. What is a Family Dance Night?

Cottonwood Creek’s Family Dance Night is a social event for students K-5 and their families.


Q. When/where is Family Dance Night?

Saturday, February 8, 2020 at Cottonwood Creek MPR from 7PM-9PM.


Q. What grades will be attending?

Currently enrolled Cottonwood Creek students K-5 only.


Q. How do I get into the dance?

You may pre-purchase tickets in person on campus or online at www.tiny.cc/candylandtickets.


Q. Will we be able to purchase tickets at the door?

Tickets will NOT be sold at the door on the day of the event. You MUST purchase your ticket in advance and bring the confirmation email with you during the night of the dance. Wrist bands will be provided at the door.


Q. Is a parent/guardian required? 

Each student must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


Q. Am I allowed to bring a sibling if they are in not in school at Cottonwood Creek or are < than 5 years.?

No, this dance is for currently enrolled CCS K-5 students only. 

Q. Am I allowed to bring a sibling if they are in middle school at Cottonwood Creek?

No, this dance is for currently enrolled K-5 students only. Middle school students have their own dance.


Q. How many parents are allowed to come?

Each student ticket includes one parent/guardian pass. Additional parent tickets are available if more than one parent is attending.


Q. How much are the tickets?

One K-5 Cottonwood Creek student ticket (includes a parent/guardian pass) is $10. Each additional parent/guardian (if more than one is attending) is $5. 


Q. Are grandparents/friends welcome?

This event is for students K-5. Additional adult tickets can be purchased, but only currently enrolled Cottonwood Creek students are allowed to attend.


Q. Will the $10 admission cover everything inside the dance?

Yes, everything is covered with the purchase of your ticket, including all food and activities!


Q. What is the theme of the dance?

This year the theme is “A Journey into Candy Land.” 


Q. Is there a dress code?

There is no dress code, but you are encouraged to dress to impress! Come dressed up as a Candy Land character of your choice for a SPECIAL SURPRISE TREAT! 


Q. Will dinner be provided?

There is no formal dinner, but there will be tons of sweet treats and snacks, all inclusive!

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