Frequently Asked Questions


How do I order online?

  • To register using a mobile device or tablet - text "REGISTER" to (925) 403-4442

  • To register online visit our website at:

  • Follow the easy online instructions to register your account by entering your school code: 4463

  • Once registered:

    • You will receive an e-mail with your student ID and password

    • You will also receive an e-mail you can forward to friends & family with a link to our online store

    • Share, post and text about your fundraiser!


  • Remember- add impact by adding a picture, a short description, and your e-mail.  Don’t forget to share your fundraiser on social media to boost your student sales!

  • Dry items can be shipped directly to the customer or to the school.  Frozen food will ONLY be shipped to the school on the school’s scheduled delivery day.

Where are online orders shipped?

Customers have the option to have online orders shipped to their homes (as long as the order does not include frozen items) or, for a reduced processing fee, shipped to the school on the main delivery day.  Frozen items will only be delivered to the school on the scheduled delivery day.


How do I know when my items will be delivered to the school?

The school will notify you of the delivery date for orders shipped to the school.  For orders shipped to the home, you will receive an e-mail with shipping information once your order is processed.


Do frozen items need to be kept frozen?

Yes.  Frozen items such a cookie dough should be kept frozen and will be labeled accordingly.


Please feel free to contact Gateway Fundraising at (925)602-1165 with any additional questions!

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