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2023-24 After School Enrichment Programs


Are you interested in volunteering or mentoring?

Parents are encourage to get involved with any of our amazing clubs for the 2023 - 2024 school year. Contact

Orientation presentations are listed below.

Cottonwood Creek Debate Team - 6-8 gr

We are very excited to expand our program this year to include in person workshops and attending an invitational. After two years of the pandemic moving all invitationals and tournaments online we are very excited to have and attend other invitationals out in the community. (generally take place in Jan to March)

Students will:

* Coached weekly with Guru's Award Winning Coaching Team 

* Learn to make compelling presentations backed by solid evidences

* Gain a balanced and complete understanding of current and global issues

* Develop persuasive skills through various debate formats of argumentation & refutation structure

* Master key lifelong skills: Research, Analysis, Writing, Note taking, and Critical Thinking

* Become an excellent competitor and Speak to Win -- learn about Congress, Lincoln Douglas, Parliamentary and more.  

* Tournaments: Students will prepare and attend tournaments. Two school wide debates will be held and all students will be invited to attend an invitational. 

* Sets up CCS students to excel at High School Debate at DHS or Emerald High



Student's 6-8 grade are invited to join Debate Team 

FEES: Two groups Beginner or Advanced. (Sept thru April)


  • Beginner Fridays 3:15 to 4:00 pm - $502/student 

  • Advanced Fridays 3:15 to 4:30 pm.  $607/student

  • Note: outside tournament fees not included 

CCS Newsletter Club - 6th - 8th grade

The CCS Newsletter Club give students an opportunity to create student written and produced newsletter which reflects the coverage of important events with the CCS and Dublin community. This exposes students to the skills of journalism, writing, publication and collaboration. We are excited to have our CCS Newsletter Staff keep our school community updated about upcoming events and provide insight for our whole community on the amazing activities happening here.


  1. Students will learn how to layout and publish a digital newsletter

  2. Student will get to write informative as well as entertaining pieces 

  3. 6-8 grade students will be coached by Mrs. Coffey 

  4. Session will be Monday October 16th 3- 4 pm in Rm B202 upon Mrs. Coffey’s return from maternity leave. 

Fees: $440 per student


CCS Math Club - 6-8 gr

Calling all Math Enthusiasts!! The Math Club is for students who enjoy math and problem solving and want to participate in competitive math tournaments. CCS students from 6-8 graders who got a B or higher in their previous Math class are eligible to participate. Mr. Brandon Coffey will be coaching this year's CCS Math Club. 


Math Club will include:


a) Regular weekly session starting Thursdays October 5th 3-4 pm in Rm B202. 

b) Opportunities to prepare and make math challenging and fun

d) Exposure to reputed nationwide math contests. (AMC 8, Math Counts, Math Kangaroo)



Fees: $502 per student. 

CCS Book Club

CCS Book Club is a school club offered for TK- 5th grade. This year our book discussions will be in person.

Register for the book club here

Registration fee is $90.

  • Grade level books to be distributed monthly before the book discussion. Each month you will get 1 book ( total of 7 books).
  • All book discussion will be held once a month on a Friday from 7:45AM - 8:15 AM. Breakfast will be served starting 7:30 and then the book discussions will start.
  • For TK - Kindergarten students instead of book discussions there will be book reading sessions held virtually via Zoom on Friday from 2:00 PM - 2:30 PM This book reading session is open for all Kindergarten students whether they are part of the Book Club or not. The advantage of being in the book club is that you can follow along the book reading with the book in hand.

  • Please note that details will be send before each book session.

  • Book Club Session Dates for the year 2023/24 will be as follows: 

OCT 5, DEC 01 , JAN 12 , FEB 02 , MARCH 08 , APRIL 12, MAY 03


Science Fair Mentorship Program 

We are excited to have our 6th Annual Cottonwood Creek Science Fair! Searching for this year's brightest and most innovative Scientists and Engineers! Please join us in Sept to learn more about registering for science fair. This year our mentorship program is a paid program through which students who register will have the opportunity to have support from a teacher in the development and execution of their science project. Students will get help in developing their project ideas and experiments using scientific method and engineering iterations, skillful use of data and application of experience ideas to real world problems all skills needed to succeed at the Alameda County Science Fair. 

Fees: $125/ Student or Project 


CCS Elementary Math Club - 3rd - 5th grade

This club is for 3-5 grade students who enjoy math to build skills that can help them excel at math. Build a positive growth mindset about math skills and prepare them for opportunities like Math Kangaroo. 


Grades: 3-5 grade

Session Begins: Sept 25, 2023 

Club will meet Mondays from 2-2:55 pm in Rm E204 with Mrs. Montgomery 

Fees: $440 per student 


CCS Choir Club - 3rd - 5th grade

This club is for students who want to learn to sing! They will learn beginning and intermediate choral skills, like pitch, rhythm, beat and tempo, as well as skills like how to warm up and take care of their voices. This class will feature two showcase performances at the end of each semester.


Session Begins:  Sept 11, 2023 

Grades: 3-5 grade 

Club will meet Mondays 2-2:55 pm Rm E206 with Mrs. Marotto 

Fees : $445 per student 


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