Our Mission

To enrich and maximize the education of every child at Cottonwood Creek School.

We do this by building relationships between the faculty, students, and parents through fundraising and funding educational enhancements.

The Cottonwood Creek K-8 School PFC is a collaboration between parents who have children enrolled at CCS, teachers and staff here at CCS and the school administration. We work together to provide enrichment and opportunities to support our children’s educational experience. We do this by supporting programs that the district does not fund or providing teaching materials and learning opportunities to supplement our children’s education. We deeply appreciate your dedication to your children and your support of our school. Your commitment helps to give our students the best possible education. We look forward to seeing you at our future events!


We are recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (Tax ID 82-5473721)                                               Click here to read the PFC By-Laws

2020-2021 President's Message

Hello Cottonwood Creek Families,


On behalf of the CCS PFC Board, welcome to the 2020-21 school year! If you are new to CCS, we are happy to welcome you to an extraordinary group of active parents, faculty, and staff that help make Cottonwood more than just a school - they make it a vibrant community for our kids to learn and grow. 


We are very lucky to have our talented and dedicated Principal, Dr. Lorianne Ventura, and an experienced staff of excellent teachers to educate and enrich our children during these challenging times. Every day the CCS staff and parent volunteers are actively finding ways to adapt the educational experience to a distance learning environment that will be engaging, create new connections, and allow our students to be interactive with their teachers and classmates. 


As a PFC, our goal is to continue to support and strengthen Cottonwood Creek K-8 to ensure that each student has the opportunity to reach their full potential! We have a number of great enrichment opportunities for students of all grade levels that we have been able to arrange through your annual donations. 


Some of the great online support software and tools that students and teachers will be utilizing this year like Quill, Flocabulary and Scholastic are paid for through PFC donations. These subscriptions allow teachers to access more than just the free modules and provide students with diagnostic assessments and differentiated instruction. The software programs will be used in conjunction with classroom materials that students will periodically pick up from campus, like the Scholastic News magazines which help students make sense of the historical and current events happening around us.  


This year we will also be hosting the 3rd annual CCS science fair competition for 4th-8th graders and science fair exhibition for K-3rd graders. Those students in grades 6-8  that would like to advance to the Alameda County Science Fair will have the chance to be mentored by engineers and scientists from our local community. We are very proud that last year we had 11 projects submitted to the Alameda County Science Fair. We are looking forward to expanding our student cohort this year. 


In addition, we are very excited to partner with our CCS Music and Drama programs to support students from all grade levels in improving their performance skills. This year our Music and Band programs have expanded to include Symphonic, Marching and Advanced Band. Your donations will help the Music and Drama departments provide engaging online opportunities for students to practice, record, and share performances with their teachers and each other. 


We are expanding our extracurricular club programs through PFC. We are offering 5th-8th grade students professional coaching for Speech and Debate Team, Chess Team, Math Club, and more! We will be hosting tournaments in partnership with DPIE for Chess and Speech and Debate. Our Math Club students will have the opportunity to compete in the Regional and National Math Counts competitions. And K-5 students will be able to join the CCS Book Club, compete in Math Kangaroo, the Spelling Bee and Geography Bee. 


From site health and safety improvements to resources for teachers, the CCS Staff and PFC continue to work hard to ensure the students have a safe campus and all the tools they need to succeed.


Now comes the part where we ask for your help in order to achieve our mission. Please consider taking the following action steps toward being actively engaged in your school community.


#1 Volunteer with PFC! No experience is necessary and we only need your commitment to our students (DUSD yearly volunteer clearance required). There are many opportunities and needs for you to get involved whether it is once a year, once a month, or every day. Students benefit from seeing their parents engaged with school, especially during this time of distance learning. Do you have a hidden or special talent? Can you share your professional expertise? Are there specific events or programs that you are interested in? You are needed and your time and commitment will be sincerely appreciated. We appreciate all feedback and input and welcome you to join us this school year!


#2 Donate to support student learning! We make sure every dollar donated works for our students and expands and enriches their educational experience. To this end we are committing to make sure that every dollar we spend while in distance learning is spent on making the distance learning experience as engaging as possible and spending those dollars on programs and experiences that can easily be translated to a traditional school environment.  


Every dollar counts. This year we are again asking parents to support our ‘Dollar a Day’ program. This means we are asking for $1 per school day (about $180 dollars per student attending CCS). This contribution enables our students to not only keep up with our neighboring schools in Dublin, but to compete with other districts like Pleasanton and San Ramon at regional academic events such as Science Fair, Speech and Debate, and more. The more you give, the more we can do.


#3 Join the conversation! Help shape the future by participating in monthly PFC meetings where we look ahead at defining new goals and implement existing ones! Our meetings are generally held on the second Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm online. Please check out our website, www.cottonwoodpfc.org, to sign up for our monthly PFC newsletter, for information on upcoming events and for meeting information for the 2020-2021 school year. 


I hope you will be inspired to join us in whatever capacity you are able. Each one of our dedicated board members are available to answer questions or hear ideas about Cottonwood Creek and the efforts we are making as a PFC. Please reach out to us any time.


Thank you for your support! 


Eman Tai Ahmad 



Meet your 2020-2021 Parent Faculty Club Board Members


Eman Tai – President (​president@cottonwoodpfc.org)

Jill Schaub– Vice President (​vicepresident@cottonwoodpfc.org)

Susan ​Kuang – Secretary (secretary@cottonwoodpfc.org)

​​Kim Taylor – Treasurer (​treasurer@cottonwoodpfc.org)

Shaheen Parkar​– Co-Treasurer (​cotreasurer@cottonwoodpfc.org​)

Muneeza Khan — Director of Program (directorofprograms@cottonwoodpfc.org)