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Room Parents 

Room parents act as liaisons between the elementary teachers and the other parents, facilitating communication and cooperation around things like class parties, activities and help our teachers with small tasks.

By staying engaged and keeping the lines of communication open, you can fulfill the essential duties of being a room parent and help give your children with fun parties and memorable activities! We’re also looking for upper grade volunteers for each grade level as well. Talk to your teacher about her ask for room parents. If you’re interested in being a room parent in your child’s class please email at

We are in need of volunteers throughout the year to help with a variety of programs and events. If you are interested in volunteering, coordinating an event or program, or have questions, email us at

Please visit the DUSD site for details on how to get he volunteer clearance.

Every parent can make a difference, even if it is just one time per year. Your child will benefit directly from your efforts. Parent volunteers are critical to the success and continuation of many PFC programs and events.

Per district policy, all volunteers and visitors to Cottonwood must submit a Volunteer Clearance Form once every school year. 


If you think that you will volunteer or visit for events during school hours at any point during the school year, please see the District's latest volunteer clearance policy here.

  • Visitors and Volunteers must sign in at the Administrative Offices upon entering campus beginning at 8:25 AM through the end of the school day, regardless of their business.

  • Siblings - Please remember, although we love our student’s siblings, it is not appropriate to bring younger/older siblings to school during school hours to the classroom, instructional environment, or on a field trip while volunteering.  


Once cleared to visit or volunteer for the school year, you must also arrange your visit with a teacher or appropriate staff member.


Upon arriving at school: 


  1. Sign in at the office and wear your volunteer/visitor badge at all times.

  2. Be on time, be reliable, be unobtrusive.

  3. Ask questions at the beginning (know where the materials you might need are located and any other issues that might come up) so that you do not have to interrupt classroom instruction.

  4. Do not commit to something if you are not sure you can do it. Teachers count on every volunteer that commits their time and can be left in an awkward situation if a volunteer cancels last minute or does not show.

  5. Everything you see and hear in the classroom is confidential; this means everything. From academics, to social, to behavioral, to emotional needs of our students is confidential. Do not share any information about students that you observe while volunteering.

  6. Please help us maintain a quiet learning environment.

  7. Remember that you are volunteering in the classroom for the good of all (this is not a time to offer special moments to your child).

  8. Encourage students to make good choices and praise when appropriate; teachers handles discipline.

Important Information for Visitors and Volunteers of Cottonwood Creek School 

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