Refer to the Financial Guidelines and Policies document for more information regarding any of these forms.

If you have any questions prior to submitting a form or don't see what you are looking for here, Contact PFC Treasurer at

Expense Reimbursement Form

For expenses incurred for pre-approved stipend/grant awards, programs, and events.

Direct Purchase Request Form

Request the PFC to make a direct purchase or direct payment for a previously approved spending.

Special Funding Request Form

For any special funding requests.


Event Proposal Form

If you have a program, event proposal and want to host it for the coming year, please send a detailed request to

PFC Volunteer Form

Sign up to get regular updates on volunteering opportunities.

Other CCS PFC Documents

PFC General Meeting Notes and Shared Documents


For 2019-2020 Agenda please refer to the Archive section


For 2019-2020 Budget please refer to the Archive section

Meeting Minutes 

For 2019-2020 Minutes please refer to the Archive section.

Please check the PFC Calendar for the schedule of the monthly PFC general meetings.

Forms and PFC Standard Documentation

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