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Parent donations are integral to providing CCS students with an enriching educational experience. At this time of great uncertainty we understand that families are concerned about the future and about the proper use of funds to support students in distance learning.To this end we’ve addressed some Frequently Asked Questions regarding use of PFC funds for the 2020-2021 school year. 


Q: If there is increased funding from the state why is PFC still asking for donations?


A: While funds for health and safety concerns and equitable and expanded use of technology have been made available to school districts throughout the State, many of the thoughtful engaging initiatives, programs and experiences that truly bring education to life are beyond the scope of the State supported school budget.  


Q: Why are donations needed when students are not physically in school?


A: In order to provide students with the materials needed for distance learning, families will be able to come to school to pick up materials for use at home every few weeks. This often requires different materials than are normally used in the classroom, or additional materials (more copies of books and more sets of manipulatives because students can no longer share). 


A: Distance Learning is challenging for teachers and students. In order to keep students engaged teachers are thinking outside the box. They are finding ways to create interactive online learning communities for students. These enriching opportunities and extra materials come through the support of generous families to PFC, in the distance learning environment parent support is needed more than ever. 


Q: How does the criteria for PFC funding address student needs in a distance learning model?


A: We are committed to making sure that every dollar we spend will be used toward engaging students throughout distance learning.  We are providing support for online Guest Speakers and Assemblies, extra materials to be used even at home, and more. All purchases and contracts will be vetted to include the ability to pivot between online and in person engagement.

Q: How will educators use PFC grants to support student education in distance learning? 


A: School wide, Grade and Department Level grants are always evaluated based on the benefit they bring directly to students for that school year or to build out long term school programs. We make it a priority to purchase items that can be used for multiple purposes and year on year, and to use the funds for the development of school programs to benefit all students. Items purchased from PFC funds are donations to the school and stay with the grade level and within the school even if teachers change. 


Q: Will PFC have events during this school year?  What portion of PFC funds go towards events?


A: Every year we have a number of school wide Community Building events. However, these are funded through a small portion of our annual budget.  And while we hope to be able to have those again in the future, we don’t anticipate large gatherings will even be possible till 2021. Meanwhile, we are planning on having online events such as the following:

  • Science Fair, Science Fair Exhibit

  • Declamation Speech Exhibition — Historic Characters Wax Museum

  • Online Assemblies and Guest Speakers

  • Math Counts, Math Kangaroo 

  • Chess and Debate Tournaments

2020-2021 CCS PFC Fundraising FAQ

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