What is Multicultural Holiday Fair?

Do you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Diwali or Eid ? Maybe you celebrate Chinese New Year or Easter. Do you love sharing your holidays with everyone? Then this event is the right opportunity for you to showcase the multicultural world.

Cottonwood Creek PFC would like to celebrate the holidays around the world with help from some enthusiastic volunteers like you. The event will be held Friday Dec 13th from 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM in the CCS Multi Purpose Room

This is meant to be fun for the whole community and a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the diversity in our community as well as create some wonderful school memories for our children.

Lower grade (K-5) students must be accompanied by an adult at all times.  No drop-offs. Upper grade students can attend on their own but will not be monitored by the school or PFC.

FAQs for Volunteers

  • Each booth will be given a 6 foot table.            

  • You can volunteer as a team.                         

  • The table can be decorated by the volunteer to match your holiday theme.

  •  If we have multiple volunteer teams who want to showcase the same holiday then we will allow only up to 2 booths per holiday.

  • Deadline for signing up for a holiday booth is November 22nd.

How to participate?

Please fill out the volunteer form at  https://forms.gle/yxgDYMLsubzss5hS7 if you would like to participate and showcase the holiday that you celebrate or love. The form can also be found online at the Cottonwood Creek PFC website https://www.cottonwoodpfc.org/holiday-fair.

Additionally, printed copies of the form will be available in the PFC forms folder in front office of CCS. Please fill out the online form or the paper form prior to November 22nd. 

Once a booth is registered and participants receive a confirmation email from PFC, they are elligible for reimbursement of booth related expenses . Reimbursements require itemized receipts and competed PFC Reimbursement Forms. Addtional, spending guidelines will be sent in the booth confirmation email that will be sent out within 1 week of receiving the registration form. 

Does it have to be a holiday I celebrate?

No. It can be any holiday that you would like to share with the students. You can form a team with a group of friends and volunteer for a holiday booth for a holiday of your choosing.

Can we have food at our booth?

Yes, snacks can be served at the booth. Please CLEARLY identify ALL ingredients for the snack samples. Booth volunteers are responsible for snacks served at their booth. Families are responsible for the supervision of their children and the foods they consume. Last year this event was well attended so please keep the number of visitors in mind and prepare food samples accordingly.

Can I have craft activities related to the holiday I am representing?

We encourage booth volunteers to decorate their booths and display items representing the holiday of their choosing. Craft activities that allow students and attendees to have a hands-on experience are also encouraged. Please keep in mind that items cannot be dangerous, no weapons, no open flames etc.  

Can we have performance related to the holiday event?

No this year we are not showcasing any performances. 

Any other information that can be helpful?

Volunteers can dress up for the multicultural holiday event. You can also select music to represent your booth for us to include in soundtrack for the event.  

Please provide as much detailed information about the holiday booth when completing the registration form. You can also create your own flyer for your booth. We will send it out to the community to get them excited about the event.

For any questions please reach out to secretary@cottonwoodpfc.org


FAQ for visitors

Will there be an entry fee?

No there is no entry fee for this event. This is a free event sponsored by Cottonwood Creek PFC and the wonderful volunteers.

Can we dress up for the holiday event?

Yes visitors are welcome to dress up for the holiday event.


Can anyone attend the event?

The event is for Cottonwood students and their families. Lower grade (K-5)students must be accompanied by an adult at all times.  No drop-offs. Upper grade students can attend on their own but will not be monitored by the school or PFC.

Event Name   : Multicultural Holiday Fair

Event Date     : Friday December 13th

Event Time     : 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Event Location : Cottonwood Creek School Multi Purpose Room ( MPR)

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